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Saturday, 11 November 2017




Blogging is a platform created by an individual or individuals to post on create a content of his or her own specification.

Blogging has somehow become very popular globally and very lucrative, today being a blogger is easy but being a successful blogger is difficult, this is as a result of some distractive stuffs some bloggers do that kills them.

Today I'm going to give you guys tips about being successful in blogging isn't that nice ?

Here we Go :

CHOOSING A GOOD NICHE :  what is a niche? A Niche is what represents your blog, let's take for instance you choose "www.you day.com" "YOurDay" is your niche.

Choosing a niche has become a problem for some failed bloggers, the number one step of being successful in blogging is to choose a Niche that talks about what exactly your blog or website is all about, for instance if you want to blog about sports you choose a niche that talks directly about what your website or blog is all about, example "www.soccerday.com" or " www.sportsnews.com  as simple as that, this will enable your readers or audience to know what your blog is all about or talks about.

BE HARDWORKING: hardwork is the key, when other are asleep at night warming up their beds you should be up trying to fix some stuffs in your blog, after all research has it that the brain functions well in a very quit place, at night when there is absolute quietness it can enable you to create an inspiring and a very informative contents because your mind and brain is at work this can also enable you have more readers and also enhance your SEO optimization.

BE CONSISTENT AND PATIENTS:  its all about being determined and being patient, Rome was not built in a day, same is applicable to blogging, being consistent and being patient is very very necessary to newbies bloggers as you started from the scratch slow and steady you will get to the top.

CREAT AN ORIGINAL AND HIGH QUALITY CONTENT:  This is where the work lies, this aspect is very crucial and important, as a blogger you have to create quality contents that can inspire people to come back to your blog next time

And for this to be possible you must be a good writer and also a good reader, being a good writer this will help you alot on how to use words and grammars to compose a quality content and this will be 100% possible if you are a good reader, because being a good reader makes you learn more everyday.

NEVER COPY AND PASTE FROM OTHER BLOGS: Now this is very important, 75% of bloggers do this, and i call them "Lazy Bloggers" coping contents or posts from other blogs or websites to theirs, if you keep doing this your blog keeps dying slowly as it won't rank in SEO engine (Google search engine) create your contents/topics your self and see your blog grow strong everyday.

ALWAYS INTERACT WITH YOUR READERS:  Your readers are like your children and you are like their parents, parents always interact with their kids right? Yes offcourse.

Try to use the comment box to interact with them, answer their questions when they ask, a good blogger is always humble, remember humility is success.

With this few tips of mine i hope you have learnt a lot?
Have a nice day.

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